DFPS Announces FBSS Pilot Program in El Paso

On Jan. 10, DFPS announced the signing of a contract with Pathways Youth and Family Services to operate a Family Based Safety Services (FBSS) pilot program in El Paso. The last legislature statutorily required FBSS outsourcing pilot programs in at least two DFPS regions during the current biennium. This effort is similar to the required efforts to outsource or privatize many CPS functions as part of expanded Community Based Care.

Pathways will assume responsibility for developing and coordinating services, caseworker visits with the child, family visits, family group conferencing, and evaluating the progress of each family. For this pilot program, they must decrease repeat involvement with Child Protective Services, increase protective factors, and meet other outcomes specified by DFPS. DFPS will retain oversight to ensure the continuity of services and to hold the contractor to a high standard of performance.

You can learn more about Family Based Safety Services and this pilot program on the DFPS website. You can also refer to this El Paso Times article.