Rebuild Texas Fund Grant Opportunity for Programs in Hurricane Harvey-Affected Areas

The Texas Center for Child and Family Studies, the nonprofit arm of the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services (TACFS), recently announced a grant from the Rebuild Texas Fund to work with at-risk children, youth and families impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The application for proposals is now open. Proposals are due March 20, 2018, and tentative award announcement are anticipated on April 19, 2018. Proposals should address one of the two key problems detailed below:

Mitigating compounding trauma: Every person living in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey experienced trauma. For children in foster care, this trauma is even more acute. Children in foster care all experienced the multiple traumatic events perpetrated by a caregiver serving as a precipitant for removal from their homes, and now had to experience the trauma of living through arguably the worst natural disaster in Texas history. The places our children normally rely on for safety and stability (homes, schools, day cares, etc.) were damaged and no longer look or feel the same. Caregivers have even reported that rain is triggering anxiety in children.

Building & maintaining capacity: The Texas foster care system is in dire need of capacity to serve the pre-Harvey number of children coming into the system and, children with higher medical and behavioral health needs. We anticipate Hurricane Harvey exacerbating capacity need. With a storm of this magnitude, and the loss of property, impact on individual lives and employment, families who are fostering or were thinking about becoming foster caregivers, may decide now is not the time. Current foster parents and other caregivers may also decide the stressors on their own families are too much and they cannot continue until their lives and homes are rebuilt.

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