Statewide Health Insurance Option Available Again

Texas CASA has been working with Danny O’Connell at Next Level Insurance to obtain statewide health insurance for all CASA programs in the network that want to opt in. Unfortunately, that did not prove to be a possibility with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas, who was the vendor previously willing to work with us. Danny has continued to explore alternative options for our group.

On March 14, Executive Directors received an email update from Program Operations Executive Director Deedra Baker detailing Danny’s continued work. We now have an opportunity that could potentially lead to a 20- to 40-percent savings versus what CASA programs with less than 50 employees are paying. There are also many more carriers who want to write for our business. Essentially, Next Level Insurance would collect health information on any employee who is interested in coverage and compile that health information to seek the most competitive plans from vendors (Cigna is one of the largest to participate in this type of coverage) for the various components of insurance we want to provide.

A sample of the type of plans we might obtain is also attached to Deedra’s email. Please note this is a sample only. Plans and rates will be determined by the health information on the number of employees across the state who want to proceed.

If you are interested in the statewide health insurance, please do the following:

  1. Email Danny at Next Level Insurance ( to let him know your program has one or more employees who would like to explore this opportunity.
  2. Ask your employees to fill out their health information through Easy Apps, a secure online portal set up by Next Level Insurance. Please see the privacy statement attached to Deedra’s email from March 14 to better understand the security provided.
  3. Ask Danny at Next Level Insurance any additional questions you have that will help you determine your interest.

Danny and his team have donated their time and efforts to help CASA programs in Texas obtain health insurance for employees at reasonable rates. We greatly appreciate their work on our behalf!