Child Abuse Prevention Month Challenge – Pass the Frisbee!

For Child Abuse Prevention Month, Texas CASA is challenging the network to pass the frisbee! We are calling on you to stand up against child abuse this April and spread our message by passing the CASA Frisbee as far as possible! Together we can show that the CASA Spirit is unstoppable; from the Panhandle to South Texas, from El Paso to the Piney Woods and beyond!

To participate, film and submit a quick video of you catching and then tossing a frisbee. Any frisbee will do! Texas CASA will then compile all of the videos to create one long frisbee pass around the state and beyond. Anyone from the community can submit a video! No editing is involved – just film and submit! Texas CASA will edit and compile the videos.

Videos must be submitted online through the Texas CASA website by April 20!

Check out the Pass the Frisbee page for more video samples, specific instructions, and to submit your video.