National Volunteer Week Tip: Get Creative with In-Service Training Hours

Great Plains CASA for Kids in Hereford recently jumped outside of the box by hosting a special in-service training event for their volunteers – a CASA escape room challenge. The Great Plains CASA staff created their very own escape room and tailored it to CASA-related issues. The advocates had to piece all of the hidden clues together to “find” young Sam, who was taken by his foster mother. Some of the clues even included mock court hearing notes to help familiarize the new volunteers with some of the materials they would be using. In the end, the advocates were successful in “rescuing” Sam, and learned a lot in the process!

If your program is looking for creative in-service training ideas, don’t forget to check out Texas CASA’s ABCs of In-Service Training Tips, a compilation of some of the network’s favorite ways that volunteers can log in-service training hours throughout the year.