Donor Spotlight: Artist Michael Malizia

Texas CASA was honored to partner with artist Michael Malizia of My Life Studio. Based in Hoboken, N.J., Malizia collaborates with his clients to create awe-inspiring artworks from beloved artifacts. His use of keepsakes, from ticket stubs to children’s drawings, paints the picture of what CASA strives to provide for children across Texas: a positive childhood.

Malizia has taken his skill as an artist and experience with fatherhood to combine fine art with storytelling. Malizia recently incorporated drawings from children of Lake Travis Elementary and created a custom piece that he specially donated to Texas CASA for auction at our notes + nosh 2018 fundraiser.

How he does it:

Each original artwork begins with a consultation in which Malizia learns about his clients, their ideas, and preferences. Consultations can take place at the studio in New Jersey or entirely via phone or email.

Clients then follow up by providing Malizia with source materials – such as drawings, ticket stubs, textiles, photos, handprints, or even paw prints.

Then the true artistry begins. Malizia utilizes various mediums and techniques including collage, pastiche, watercolor, hand dyed silk, oil, acrylic and spray paint to transform cherished memories into powerful, personalized works of art.

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