Update Regarding National Rap Back Fingerprint Feature

As you are aware, the National Rap Back fingerprint feature allows programs to be notified of any new criminal activity of individuals they are subscribed to through their FACT Clearinghouse account.

While there are unfortunately still some unanswered questions from HHSC and DPS, we wanted to provide you all with the following updates:

  • Texas CASA submitted a request to HHSC to “grandfather” those individuals who were fingerprinted before the June 1, 2015, cutoff date; however, our request was denied. Texas CASA has since requested a second, in-person meeting to ask for reconsideration. We will keep you updated on the answer we receive.
  • DPS has still not provided an implementation date.
  • Texas CASA has not set a deadline to complete the re-fingerprinting at this time.

While there is no implementation date or deadline to complete the re-fingerprinting, some CASA programs have chosen to begin re-fingerprinting those individuals fingerprinted prior to June 1, 2015. Please feel free to start this process if you so choose and request for reimbursement using the same process you do for first-time fingerprints. Additionally, you will want to re-fingerprint those you subscribed to through an ISD or child care licensing fingerprint checks. Texas CASA is recommending that you no longer subscribe to individuals as you are unable to view the date they were printed and in the future, we will not be able to rely on any subscriptions.

Please remember you may contact DPS directly to ask questions regarding your subscriptions, your work list and other questions regarding the TXDPS site. You can contact the Rap Back Unit at (512) 424-2746 or by email rapbackunit@dps.texas.gov.