Texas CASA Awarded Hogg Foundation Grant for Mental Health Policy Fellow

Texas CASA was recently awarded a grant from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. The grant will provide for a Mental Health Policy Fellow who will work with our Public Affairs team to further our leadership and understanding in the areas of mental health and trauma-informed care. Hogg Policy Fellows are usually recent graduates of masters-level programs in social work, public policy or other related disciplines. The Fellow’s work will build on previous efforts in the areas of mental health and trauma, including the report of the Texas CASA Mental Health Task Force which was also supported by the Hogg Foundation, as well as work on trauma-informed care that has been supported by the Texas Children’s Commission.

Every child in the child welfare system has experienced trauma, which causes both short- and long-term problems, such as learning difficulties, ongoing behavioral problems, difficulty with relationships, and poor social and emotional competence. Texas CASA has taken steps toward becoming a more trauma-informed organization and believes all adults who work with children in the system must understand the impact of trauma on child development and behavior so that children in care have an opportunity to begin healing and do not experience additional trauma while in the system. Learn more about Texas CASA’s leadership on this issue.

Texas CASA is one of the 10 nonprofit advocacy groups that received a total of $1.3 million in grants over two years to hire policy or peer policy fellows, as part of the Hogg Foundation’s Mental Health Policy Academy and Fellows initiative. Learn more about the initiative and the grant recipients on the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health website. Texas CASA anticipates it will be opening a job posting for Fellowship applicants in July of 2018.