Foster’s Home for Children Announces Opening of SOAR House

Foster’s Home for Children, in Stephenville, is proud to announce the opening of their SOAR House. The SOAR House will open around the first of August. SOAR stands for Safety, Ownership, Advancement, and Responsibility. This is a program for 18-22 year old’s who have aged out of foster care, and need a place to live while getting their feet under them.

Residents will have access to Ranger College and Tarleton State University, as well as a number of major employer opportunities in this area. The program will house seven residents in independent living units, with one unit designated for ADA accommodations.

The goal of the program is to provide a longer runway for young adults without a natural support system as they grow their wings and learn to fly on their own. Initial cost is free, with a gradual transition to the resident assuming more financial responsibility in preparation for life independently.

Resident applications can be made to David Asbill, COO of Foster’s Home, at He can also be reached at (254) 968-2143, ext. 246.