DFPS Publishes Strategic Plan for FY 2019-2023

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has published its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2019 through 2023. The plan is in two parts, Volume I, which includes the plan itself, and Volume II, which compiles supplemental schedules. It is structured around five goals:

  • Goal 1: Client Services: Improve direct delivery services to meet client, family and community needs.
  • Goal 2: Workforce Stability: Increase workforce stability and retention of institutional knowledge by focusing on attracting, retaining and developing highly qualified staff.
  • Goal 3: Process Improvement: Strengthen internal processes by better analyzing agency operations and identifying and correcting areas for more efficient and effective operations.
  • Goal 4: Teamwork: Enhance internal communications to ensure cohesion among divisions.
  • Goal 5: Community Relations: Improve external communications and outreach to better inform the public and assist with protecting clients, families and communities.

Both volumes of the Strategic Plan are available on the DFPS website.