Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas & Texas CASA: 13 Years of Partnership

Texas CASA is honored to be a partner of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas for more than 13 years. Together we are improving the physical and mental health of Texas children in foster care!

BCBSTX has awarded us an extraordinary total of $1,295,500 over the course of our partnership. These funds have helped the CASA network grow and strengthen its advocacy. The projects, programs and events funded have been instrumental in impacting the lives of children in the foster care system.

For 13 years, BCBSTX has partnered with Texas CASA and the CASA network to fund programs, projects and events that have greatly impacted the lives of the children in foster care and helped the network grow to what it is today. With their support, the CASA network has been able to give a voice to children in long term foster care. We’ve been able to lead a first of its kind study on CASA advocacy and equip our volunteers with the proper training they need to thrive in their positions as CASA volunteers.

We thank BCBSTX for all that they have done and continue to do for the children we serve!

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