Conversations with CASA – Andrea Sparks

The Director of Gov. Greg Abbott’s Child Sex Trafficking Team joined Vicki Spriggs for a new installment of Conversations with CASA. The two discuss the high risk children and youth in foster care face of being victims of human trafficking and what CASA can do to prevent youth from being exploited.

As Director of the Child Sex Trafficking Team, Andrea Sparks works with state and national leaders in the public and private sector to develop and lead strategies to achieve the Team’s mission of preventing child sex trafficking, identifying its victims, providing the short- and long-term trauma-informed interventions to help survivors heal and thrive, and bringing justice for victims.

Before her appointment by the Governor in 2016, Sparks served as the Executive Director of the National Center for Missing Children’s Texas Regional Office and the Director of Public Affairs for Texas CASA.

Conversations with CASA is a new series from Texas CASA that explores current issues and trends affecting child welfare, our children in care and our network.

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