Hogg Foundation Mental Health News Digest

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health maintains a weekly news digest – Mental Health Headlines – that compiles and shares news from Texas and beyond related to the mental health arena. Below are some recent Hogg Foundation picks of interest to the CASA community:

Mental Health America releases back-to-school toolkit for 2018-2019 school year: While we can’t completely shield young people from all the traumatic situations they may face, we can help them learn to manage their emotions and reactions in ways that cultivate resilience.

Wellness: the value of friendship toward our mental health: Children need to know, and understand, what makes good friends, and that they are the “right” kinds of friends. The concept of friendship does not occur naturally among children, it is a cognitive process; they must be taught.

Playtime may bolster kids’ mental health: Years of research have shown that play is an important part of a child’s development, assisting in cognition, memory, social skills, and, to a lesser extent, maybe even mental health. Yet children in the United States play less, and have less free time, than in decades past.

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