McCraw Oil/Kwik Chek Partners with CASA for 11th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

McCraw Oil/Kwik Chek recently hosted their annual charity golf tournament at the Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center in Pottsboro, Texas.

The event raised an outstanding $56,000 for local CASA programs in their areas of operation and Texas CASA, bringing the tournament’s grand contribution total to $560,000 to date.

“We are grateful for this longstanding partnership with McCraw Oil and Kwik Chek,” said Texas CASA Fund Development Executive Director Kara Hobbs. “Their commitment to positive change for our most vulnerable children through support of CASA’s work at both the state and local level is inspiring. It takes a village.”

L to R: Kwik Chek Administrative Assistant Sherry Capehart, McCraw Oil/Kwik Chek Owner Doyce Taylor, Kwik Chek CEO Kevin Smartt, Fannin County Children’s Center Director Sandy Barber, Texas CASA Fund Development Executive Director Kara Hobbs and McCraw Oil President Bill Wilson.

McCraw Oil/Kwik Chek has a history of generous giving and partnership with children’s charities. This was the 23rd year of the tournament, and CASA’s 11th year as the beneficiary.

“All of us on the McCraw Oil and Kwik Chek teams are proud of our 10+ year partnership with CASA,” said McCraw Oil Company President Bill Wilson. “As someone long affiliated with my local CASA and as the husband of a longtime CASA volunteer, I know firsthand how important it is to bring a CASA into the lives of children in CPS care.”

The majority of the funds raised at this tournament each year are distributed to the local CASA programs in the companies’ areas of operation, so that they can continue to recruit and train more and more dedicated, skilled advocates for children who have been abused or neglected.

“We are grateful to play a small part in helping CASA volunteers work tirelessly and passionately towards creating happy endings for their children,” Wilson said.

Thank you McCraw Oil/Kwik Chek for dedicating 11 years and counting to helping provide a voice for Texas children in foster care. We are honored to continue this impactful partnership!