Input Requested for Data Management Best Practices Guide

Many CASA programs have reached out to let us know that the data audit, completed this past summer, raised awareness of internal processes that resulted in some positive changes. Texas CASA is now seeking input from programs so that we can provide helpful and effective data management process tips and best practices to the network.

Do you have an enhanced practice as a result of the data audit that you are willing to share? Have you found a new way to utilize Optima or your data-based systems? Have you created a new, helpful report you run to audit internally? Do you have a tip on how you encourage your volunteers to submit not only hours, but case narratives? If so, please email your input to Program Management Specialist Lisa Briggs at [email][/email] by Oct. 31 so that we can compile your feedback into a Data Management Best Practices Guide.

As always, your efforts to maintain best practices and your generosity with and toward each other are foundational to the success of CASA in Texas. We know your time is very limited and appreciate any input as we work to draw the most benefit we can from the effort of each program through the data audit.