NEW: CASA Development & Training Google Groups

Texas CASA is happy to announce the CASA Development Google Groupand the CASA Training Google Group! These groups will serve as a place for local CASA trainers and fund development specialists to share information and seek input from each other.

To request access to the CASA Development Google Group, send an email to Fund Development Executive Director Kara Hobbs at [email][/email] and include all emails you’d like to have added to the group.

To request access to the CASA Training Google Group, send an email to Education and Training Support Specialist Sarah Ritch at [email][/email], and include all emails you’d like to have added to the group.

Helpful tips for using these groups

They are for your use, and as such, you will be the decision makers about content. However, we ask that you keep the following general guidelines in mind:

  • Never share case specific information that identifies children or families.
  • Keep all posts professional.
  • Avoid non-essential conversations — Only post topics or questions that you believe the entire group will have an interest in and/or be able respond to.

Texas CASA may contribute content to the group but does not typically respond to programs directly. If you need to contact a Texas CASA staff member with questions or concerns, please do so directly through email or phone.

We are excited to offer these services, and hope they will better support the CASA network in Texas!