DFPS Releases 2018 Data Book

DFPS recently released its 2018 Data Book, which contains both statewide and local statistics on the CPS system in Texas. Below are some key statewide statistics for 2018.

In 2018 in Texas:

  • 211 children died from abuse or neglect.
  • There were 66,382 confirmed victims of child abuse or neglect.
  • Almost every 8 minutes, a child became a victim of abuse or neglect.
  • 20,685 children were removed from home due to abuse or neglect. That’s 56 children entering the foster care system each day.
  • A total of 52,397 children were in the child protection system.

10,856 CASA volunteers advocated for 30,136 children in care in Fiscal Year 2018 – this still leaves too many children without a dedicated volunteer to speak up for their needs while in care. It is the driving goal of Texas CASA and the CASA community to grow to provide an advocate for every child in state care.

Check out the 2018 DFPS Data Book for more information and to find local statistics.