Updates Made to FACT Clearinghouse & Offline Applicant Management User Guide

Please note that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) made changes to the FACT Clearinghouse user account site in January 2019.

DPS is the agency that processes fingerprint-based background checks (FBC). Previously, confirmed FBI subscription, original fingerprint date, and SSN were not included on the offline worklist. Additionally, the column labeled “IsRapbackEligible” previously did not work and only displayed a dash, but now, it should indicate a “Y” or “N” in that column.

Their Offline Applicant Management User Guide has also been updated. On page 7 of the user guide, you will find an example of an offline worklist and the descriptions of each of the columns. On page 8 there is an image of the FBI Rap Back and Applicant List. This image illustrates the four columns that relate to the FBI Rap Back. There are also descriptions of each of the columns. The validation date shown in the “VAL” column is still not required. DPS reports that there will be a notification and the guide will be updated once the validation process is implemented.

If you have any questions on the Offline Applicant Management tool or individuals you are subscribed to, please email [email]rapbackunit@dps.texas.gov[/email] and they will be happy to assist you.