YOU Can Make a Difference During Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and Texas CASA wants you to know that YOU can play a part in helping end child abuse and neglect.

Abuse and neglect in Texas during 2018 resulted in 211 deaths, 66,382 confirmed victims, and 20,685 children removed from their home. That means that almost every 8 minutes, a child became a victim of abuse or neglect, and 56 children were entering the foster system each day. This is a sad reality, but one that is necessary to acknowledge as we continue the fight to end child abuse and neglect.

CASA volunteers speak up in court, school and other settings for the best interest of a child in the foster care system. The work these incredible advocates do can help to end the cycle of abuse and neglect, and create an immense positive impact on future generations. There are many ways, big and small, that YOU can help the CASA movement and make a difference throughout the month of April and beyond. Here are just a few:

  • Spread awareness of Child Abuse Prevention Month by wearing blue throughout the month and especially on Go Blue Day, April 5.
  • Consider joining our movement if you have not done so already. Become a CASA volunteer and advocate on behalf of a child in the foster care system. Visit for more information. You can also nominate someone you know who you think would make a great volunteer, and/or support our cause by making a secure online donation to benefit Texas CASA and the local CASA programs across the state.
  • Support Texas CASA (and look great doing it!) by making a purchase from our Stand Up for Children in Style online store, where 100% of the proceeds go towards advocating for children in foster care across the state.
  • If you are involved in a faith community, consider participating in Blue Sunday on April 28. Blue Sunday is a national day of prayer for the victims of child abuse and those who rescue and care for them.
  • Spread the message of Child Abuse Prevention Month and CASA through your social media accounts, and help raise awareness of the cause. Consider changing your profile image to the blue ribbon image on the right. Expand your reach by using hashtags like #NCAPM2019, #PreventionMonth, #BecomeACASA and #TheCASADifference.
  • Keep an eye out for child abuse and neglect in your community. If you think a child may be in danger, report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation to the Department of Family Protective Service online or by phone at 1-800-252-5400.

This Child Abuse Prevention Month and beyond, make a difference and help spread awareness of the CASA movement. Together, we can fight to end child abuse and neglect, and create a better tomorrow for all children. Every child has a chance – it’s YOU.®