Texas CASA Testifies in the House

Texas CASA’s Public Policy team testified before the House Human Services Committee on Tuesday, March 12, in support of House Bill 1709 by Rep. Mary Gonzalez. This bill cleans up several provisions related to the appointment of surrogate parents for students with disabilities who are in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). For more about this issue, read our CASA Deep Dive about education issues championed by Texas CASA during the 86th Session. Watch the video of the hearing. Note: Discussion of HB 1709 starts at 41 minutes.

What’s more, HB 123, a CASA champion bill that would make it easier for youth in care to obtain a Driver’s License or ID, was taken up at the beginning of the committee hearing and was voted out of committee by a unanimous vote.

On Wednesday, March 13, Texas CASA Policy Fellow Bryan Mares testified before the House Public Education Committee in support of HB 811 by Rep. James White. This bill would require public schools to consider whether a child is experiencing homelessness or is in foster care when taking disciplinary action. In addition to Texas CASA, Texas Appleseed, and a college student representing the Texas Network of Youth Services Young Adult Leadership Council, testified in support of the bill. Watch the video of the hearing. Note: The committee takes up HB 811 at 15:45 minutes.

Policy Fellow Bryan Mares testifying in support of HB 811.

To stay up-to-date on the movement of legislation supported by CASA, be sure to routinely check out the Bill Tracker on the Texas CASA website.