Texas CASA Recruitment & Retention Officer Appointed to DFPS Advisory Committee

Texas CASA’s Recruitment and Retention Officer, Dennise Jackson, was recently appointed to the Advisory Committee on Promoting Adoption of Minority Children. Established in 1997, this committee’s main purposes include raising awareness of minority children’s needs in all stages of service, both locally and statewide, as well as making recommendations to DFPS for programs and projects that will promote the adoption of and provision of services for minority children.

As a child of adoption, Jackson feels a close connection to the mission of the committee and helping promote the needs of minority children. Right now in the state of Texas there is a disproportionality that exists for children of color in the foster care system. Children of color in the foster care system are least likely to find permanency and as a consequence spend more time in state custody waiting to find a permanent placement. Jackson, a self-identified positive disruptor, hopes to challenge the system to think outside of the traditional models and make dynamic change that can have a lasting impact on minority children.

Being a part of both Texas CASA and the committee presents a unique opportunity to combine the networks that she has built through her years of dedication to children in the foster care system. Through these relations, Jackson has the ability to collaborate with key stakeholders and bring them together to create an even greater positive impact for children in the foster care system, the committee and Texas CASA.

When asked what she hopes to accomplish with her committee appointment Jackson said “I want to walk away knowing that we challenged how we do things, to help the committee to take a different perspective about adoption and look at where the family can play an important role in helping these children/youth have long lasting relationships and permanency.”