Cultural Considerations: Blue Sunday & Inclusivity

April 28, 2019, is Blue Sunday – a day where congregations all over the U.S. pray for the victims of child abuse and those who care for them. This day, observed on the last Sunday of Child Abuse Prevention Month every year, is a great opportunity for CASA programs to connect with local communities of faith.

Traditionally, Blue Sunday has been observed primarily by Christian churches. But as CASA works to demonstrate our commitment to being welcoming and affirming for all, here’s something to think about: What can we do – on Blue Sunday and beyond – to be open and inclusive to all churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and other diverse places of worship and communities that practice prayer? What might we offer to people who do not practice prayer, but who, in the spirit of Blue Sunday, would like to be mindful and keep these children in their thoughts?

Here’s an example of more inclusive messaging for Blue Sunday:

Today is Blue Sunday, a national day of prayer for the victims of child abuse and for those who help them. If you practice prayer, we encourage you to pray with your faith community on this day – and if not, we hope you’ll keep these vulnerable children in your thoughts, take a moment to honor them, and join us in raising awareness of child abuse and neglect. We hope you’ll also consider becoming a CASA volunteer and advocating on behalf of a child in foster care who needs you. You can learn more at

Do you have questions, or would you like to share a strategy your program is using? Feel free to email us at

Texas CASA is committed to our goal of ensuring the highest quality advocacy possible for all children in the child protection system, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, or disability status – that’s why we are highlighting resources to support the CASA network’s journey to becoming more inclusive, welcoming, affirming and culturally considerate. Explore more Cultural Considerations articles.