Cultural Considerations: Free Racial Equity & Liberation Virtual Learning Series

Interested in incorporating racial liberation and equity into your personal and professional life, but not sure how to start? Check out this Racial Equity and Liberation Virtual Learning Series from the group Move to End Violence – it’s a free, six-week online course! The series dives deeply into topics like:

  • self-reflection and locating oneself,
  • expanding narratives beyond single stories,
  • practicing vulnerability to deepen conversations and relationships,
  • analyzing systems of power and how they benefit or punish groups,
  • the different levels of racism, and more.

You choose which Monday you want to start – then each week by email, you will receive pre-work (Monday), a gentle reminder to explore your pre-work (Wednesday), and a link to a pre-recorded webinar and related resources (Friday).

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Move to End Violence supports change agents to end violence against girls and women. They do this by offering resources like this training that encourage people to step back from their daily work to envision the change they want to see, imagine new strategies, and build the capacity needed to realize this change. Find out more about Move to End Violence and the resources they offer.

Texas CASA is committed to our goal of ensuring the highest quality advocacy possible for all children in the child protection system, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, or disability status – that’s why we are highlighting resources to support the CASA network’s journey to becoming more inclusive, welcoming, affirming and culturally considerate. Explore more Cultural Considerations articles.