How Texas CASA Supports Healthy Minds & Bodies

May is National Mental Health Month, and Texas CASA is taking a closer look at how we can support staff and keep them from experiencing CASA burnout. Employee burnout has been defined as when employees have exhausted their physical or emotional strength. To combat this, Texas CASA launched our internal group Healthy Minds and Bodies which focuses on providing staff with optional activities to promote physical, mental and social wellness.

One activity, either a wellness activity or a group social outing, is offered for Texas CASA staff each month. So far this year, the team has hosted a vision boarding activity, art therapy with clay and an introduction to essential oils. Past projects included things like coloring and planting succulents. Along with each activity, the team provides reading and resources on the benefits the activity can have on mental health. By providing opportunities for staff to relax and recharge, we hope to prevent burnout, facilitate staff bonding and encourage everyone to make both their own mental and physical health a priority.

If you are interested in starting your own Healthy Minds and Bodies group within your program and have questions, please contact Communications Manager Caitlyn Perdue at [email][/email].