Reminder: Ensure Data Accuracy for Funding Formulas

Fiscal Year 2019, Quarter 3 performance measures are due at close-of-business on Friday, June 7, 2019. Once the Q3 data are submitted and locked for all programs, Texas CASA will be able to begin compiling performance measure data for use in the CVC and VOCA funding formulas for FY 2020.

Counts of volunteers and children served in FY 2018 (four quarters) and added in FY 2019 (three quarters) — for a total of seven quarters — are major components in the funding formulas. For this reason and more, it is important that programs continue to report children and volunteers accurately.

If there are reporting errors in earlier quarters that have not been reported to Texas CASA previously, please do so by sending an email to Data and Research Manager Karen Dvorak at [email][/email]. Changes are not made in the online data manager, but are made in funding formula calculations.