CASA of Denton County Receives $10,000 Grant for Male Recruitment

From left to right: Tom Ehlmann, President and General Manager of NBC5 and Telemundo39; Paula Wagner, CASA of Denton County Board President; and Debbie Jensen, CASA of Denton County Executive Director.

CASA of Denton County was recently awarded with a $10,000 Project Innovation grant from NBC 5/Telemundo 39! The grant will be used to target volunteer recruitment towards men, who are underrepresented among existing CASA volunteers.

CASA of Denton County focused their grant application on the impact they make in their community, and just how vital it is for a child in foster care to have their own CASA advocate. More specifically, with boys making up a little over half of children in foster care in Denton County, the program plans to ramp up their male recruitment efforts to create a volunteer base that better reflects the children they serve.

In their grant application, CASA of Denton County explained that while targeting men in advertising is nothing new, targeting men to be CASA volunteers through advertising is new for CASA of Denton County. Before, the program focused on recruiting volunteers without gender-targeted advertising, which resulted in a majority of women volunteering.

Last year, CASA of Denton County grew their male volunteer makeup from 15 percent to 20 percent using Texas CASA’s Men of CASA Toolbox. This year, with the help of this grant, they hope to reach 30 percent or more.

Join us in congratulating CASA of Denton County on all of their hard work!