DFPS Releases Report on Human Trafficking & Missing Youth

DFPS recently released the Children and Youth Missing from DFPS Conservatorship & Human Trafficking Data Fiscal Year 2018 Report.

In Fiscal Year 2016, DFPS began investigating allegations of sex and labor trafficking committed by a person traditionally responsible for a child’s care, custody, or welfare. Prior to FY 2016, these allegations were categorized as another form of abuse and neglect (e.g. sexual abuse or neglectful supervision). This report indicates that over the last three fiscal years, there has been a slight increase in the total number of children and youth in DFPS conservatorship as well as an increase in the number of missing children and youth while in substitute care. The percentage of children and youth with one or more missing episodes during the fiscal year has remained stable at 3.5% of the population of children and youth who are in DFPS conservatorship at some point during the year.

Read the full report.