Registration for 2019 Texas CASA Conference Opens Aug. 14

The 2019 Texas CASA Conference: 30 Year Jubilee registration opens in just two weeks! Mark your calendar for August 14 to secure your spot for this year’s conference.

This year’s sessions feature nationally and internationally recognized speakers and industry leaders that will help strengthen the CASA network and improve advocacy for children and youth. Texas CASA believes each of us is an essential part of the solution in providing a safe, positive future for all Texas children. Every position within our network has a role to play in shaping how CASA advocates for children, youth and families. These sessions will provide foundational information as well as more in-depth content so everyone can find the right sessions that match their needs. Check out a few sessions below or visit the 2019 Sessions page for the day-by-day breakdown.

Friday 9:00 AM

Statistically, Josh Shipp should be dead, in jail or homeless. But his success as a preeminent author, speaker and global youth empowerment expert is living proof of the power of one caring adult. A former at-risk foster kid turned youth advocate, Josh is renowned for the documentary TV series on A&E that followed his groundbreaking work with youth and families.

Saturday 9:00 AM

Bryan Samuels is the Executive Director of Chapin Hall, a nonprofit research institute focused on improving the well-being of vulnerable children and youth, families, and their communities. His work centers around the creation of a well-being framework based on the best scientific developmental understanding of normal childhood development; understanding the effects of exposure to violence, trauma, poverty and averse childhood experiences on the mental, emotional, behavioral and physical health of children.


Key research findings from Texans Care for Children shows that parental substance use is a contributing factor in most removals, and that nearly all removals that involve parental substance use as a contributing factor are related to neglectful supervision rather than abuse. The session will start by taking a closer look at the research with a focus on preventing entries into foster care by improving how the state interacts with families struggling with substance use. 

The University of Texas at Austin estimates that there are 79,000 Texas children and young adults that have been sexually exploited at some point in their lives. This workshop will provide an overview of the dynamics of this crime and public health crisis and the strategies the State of Texas are implementing to end it. Emerging promising practices and recent research will also be shared. Lastly, CASA advocates and stakeholders will learn how they are uniquely positioned to help recognize and help victims heal, bring exploiters to justice and prevent victimization of at risk youth.

These are only a few of the top-notch speakers presenting at the 2019 conference! Check out all of the session descriptions. We hope you will join us in Galveston!