Changes in Data Reporting: Percent of Children with Volunteers

This is a reminder that Performance Measures are changing from reporting on cases with volunteers to direct reporting of counts of children with volunteers.

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2020, your program will report counts of Children with Volunteers and Children Served by Staff. These counts are used to calculate the Percent of Children with Volunteers (PChV).

Cases with volunteers, cases served by staff, and the Volunteer:Case Ratio (VCR) have been dropped. The changes apply to the Beginning of the Year report and each Quarterly report. Data checks ensure that all counts “add up.” View example screen shots of the new data entry forms for the Performance Measures in the Online Data Manager (ODM).


Changes will occur in the Beginning of the Fiscal Year and in the Quarter Performance Measures reports in FY 2020. The new data requirements apply beginning Sept. 1, 2019. The first submission to Texas CASA with the new data will be the Beginning of the Fiscal Year and the Quarter 1 reports for FY 2020 due Dec. 13, 2019.

In addition, be aware that the Performance Measures Reference and the Data Dictionary have been updated.

Please contact Data & Research Manager Karen Dvorak at [email][/email] or Database Administrator Suzanne Alston at [email][/email] with any questions, or at 512-473-2627.