Tips on Background Check Visibility for CASA Volunteers on Temporary Leave

When a CASA volunteer leaves your program, the requirement is to unsubscribe from them on both the TXDPS and DFPS accounts. But what if a volunteer wants to take a break from accepting cases but still remain a volunteer?

If the volunteer is unassigned and on temporary leave for no longer than 90 days, they are still considered “active” and your program may remain subscribed to them. However, because the information provided from TXDPS and DFPS is highly confidential, it is important to make sure your volunteers are aware of their personal subscription status. Volunteers on leave should be informed that your program will be notified of any new arrest, criminal charges and/or allegations of child abuse and neglect while they are on a temporary leave from your program because their subscription status will remain active. 

It is strongly recommended local programs adopt a policy regarding background check visibility for volunteers on leave no longer than 90 days. Additionally, it is recommended a statement about volunteer subscription be added to the volunteer application and/or a background check authorization. Including a statement on a form they are required to sign may help to ensure the volunteer is aware of your policy.

We have developed sample language we hope you will find helpful.

Sample policy for background check visibility for volunteers on leave no longer than 90 days:

Volunteers are considered active in the CASA program when assigned to a case or when taking a temporary leave from case assignment no longer than 90 days. During a temporary leave of 90 days, when not assigned to a case, the volunteer’s background checks will remain active.

Sample language to add to your CASA application or background check authorization form:

I am the person listed above and the information I provided is true and correct. I grant permission to the CASA program to request a [name of check] through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services/Texas Department of Public Safety on my behalf.  I acknowledge the CASA program will receive notification of any child abuse or neglect allegations as well as criminal charges while I am appointed on a CASA case or during a temporary leave from case assignment that may last up to 90 days.

If you have questions, please contact the Program Operations team at [email][/email].