Texas CASA Releases Guide to Community Based-Care

Texas CASA is proud to release Transforming Together: A Guide to Community-Based Care in Texas, Edition 1.

Community-Based Care (CBC) is a sweeping systems change and a new way of providing foster care and case management services in Texas. The change shifts key functions of the child welfare system from the state to private, nonprofit contractors.

This guide outlines how the transformation to Community-Based Care (CBC) will take place in Texas and what the shift means for CASA programs. It explores the why and the how of CBC, potential benefits and risks of the new system, concrete ways that CASA programs can get prepared, details on how the new funding and reimbursement structures operate, timelines and many other aspects of the transition. We explain how CBC contractors will be measured and held accountable for the outcomes experienced by children, and we also examine the unique ways CASA programs can support and partner with these contractors.

“Under CBC, CASA will continue to be a vital partner in the child welfare system. In fact, I believe the success of CBC can only be enhanced by the thoughtful participation of CASA at every stage in the process of implementation,” said Texas CASA CEO Vicki Spriggs. “Texas CASA was a part of making recommendations to develop this model when the Public Private Partnership began its work in 2010, and we will continue to represent the best interests of children and the CASA network as the system continues to evolve.”

Download the CBC Guide

The guide is primarily intended for CASA programs, staff and volunteers, but may provide useful information to other child protection system participants. Feel free to download or print as many copies as you would like. Also note that CBC is an evolving system and model, and Texas CASA will update the guide as appropriate.

Texas CASA also hosted a webinar on CBC in mid-October. You can view the recording on the CASA College Learning Management Center (LMS). As a reminder, DFPS also released its Implementation Plan for CBC, another useful resource for understanding the new system.

We hope this will be a useful guide for you as we navigate the changing landscape of child welfare services together. If you have questions about CBC or the guide, contact the Public Policy team at publicpolicy@texascasa.org.