Engaging Faith Communities with CASA on Stand Sunday

Stand Sunday is a great opportunity to connect with faith communities and share the CASA mission.

Communities of faith across Texas and the globe have set Sunday, Nov. 10, aside to pray for children in the child welfare system. This year, Texas CASA has partnered with the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) and Child Protective Services (CPS) to get the first names and ages of 29,326 children in foster care. By having the names, members of faith communities can personally connect to the children in care through prayer. The large number of names also serves as a reminder of the need for more CASA volunteers to advocate for kids in care.

Take this outreach opportunity to the next level by asking your advocates, staff and board members involved in prayer-practicing groups to engage their local faith organization in Stand Sunday.

What’s more, though Stand Sunday is mainly organized by the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Stand Sunday can and should be adapted for use by non-Christian communities that also practice prayer. Texas CASA does not endorse any one religion. Any testifiers associated with this event are speaking on their own behalf and not Texas CASA’s.

Learn more about Stand Sunday and see all of the ways you can get involved!