CASA Volunteers Share Their Favorite Memories

At the 2019 Texas CASA Conference in Galveston, we asked folks to write down their favorite moment from their time as CASA volunteers. There were countless amazing responses filled with moments of triumph, love and compassion. We have collected a few to share with you here. Thank you to all the CASA volunteers that make moments like these possible!

“My CASA child…came with a wheelchair that was very beat up and worn out. One of my favorite moments was when she received a beautiful, new, custom-made wheelchair. We were all crying.”

“When the 6’3,” 245-lb, 16-year-old boy collapsed in my arms outside the courtroom when he heard he was returning home. One-and-a-half years later I took a photo with him, his sibling and myself at his high school graduation.”

“At the close of my first case, my CASA child was off her antidepressants, passing all her classes, and had a permanent home with a loving aunt. But my favorite moment was a few months later when she called to tell me about her new job at Wendy’s. She was so proud — but not as proud as me!

“I was recently presented with a picture of my young man that I have been a CASA to. The picture frame had the engraving of his new adoptive name he will be changing to. I am so honored that he is taking my last name as his middle name. My heart is full.

“My favorite moment was watching my CASA child be told she was going home to her loving mother after years of being apart. After a long journey, a true story of forgiveness and unconditional love in the heart of a child that most adults are not willing or capable of.”

“I spent 3 hours at the foster-to-adopt home of my 2 CASA girls, 2 and 3 years old. We had a tea party on the living room floor. It was so much fun. We read books, and laughed, and played hide and seek. These 2 children are so blessed to have a loving home. And I am even more blessed to be their advocate and part of their lives.

“Seeing my first CASA baby happily playing and laughing with her family placement and knowing that they will be adopting her.”

“My CASA kid was waiting at the door to see me, and as I entered the room he hugged me hard and said he was so glad to see me — he is 16!”

“Being there for your CASA children, then 1 year later running into them after a closed case. They tell their friends how you were there for them. Seeing the difference you made manifest.

“Achieving permanency for the children of my first case. Seeing the joy on the faces of my CASA children on their adoption day is something I will always remember. I feel blessed to have the privilege to serve as a CASA.”