Now Offering Orientations for New Trainers!

The Texas CASA training team is excited to begin offering Trainer Orientations to support newly hired training staff.

These one-on-one orientations are designed to help onboard new trainers by providing an opportunity for individual support with a focus on:

  • understanding participant-centered training,
  • gaining confidence with pre-service content,
  • utilizing strong screening practices, and
  • facilitation skill-building for challenging classroom situations.

Our goal is to empower facilitators with the expertise to address extensive learning objectives in limited classroom time while effectively maintaining learner engagement.

Our team can schedule these flexibly throughout the year and can either host new trainers in-person in our Austin office or work with them via video conferencing.

Texas CASA recognizes the powerful and catalytic role trainers play in preparing CASA volunteers to provide the highest-quality best-interest advocacy, and our team is dedicated to supporting the success of new training staff across the state. For more information, contact Learning and Innovation Designer Margaret Halpin at [email][/email]. We look forward to working with you!