English to Spanish Glossary of Child Welfare Terms Available

The Child Welfare Information Gateway, a division of the United States Children’s Bureau, offers an English to Spanish glossary of terms relevant to child welfare and the foster care process. This glossary was created with the input of numerous professional translators and bilingual child welfare professionals, representing many different states and countries of origin.

The glossary focuses on using family-positive and strength-based language, which was run through various focus groups to ensure the correct connotation was being communicated. Some words or phrases in English may have a neutral connotation, but when translated into Spanish the word may carry a negative connotation. For example, the term “independent living” in Spanish gave some parents the impression they were encouraging their children to abandon their families. They therefore translated the term as “services for an independent life.”

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Additionally, there is a PDF of the glossary available for download. We hope you use this glossary to expand your knowledge of Spanish and boost your communication efforts!