Sign Up to BE A VOICE FOR CASA on Social Media & for Your Chance to Win Up to a $500 Gift Card!

At Texas CASA, we believe that every child in foster care should have a CASA volunteer advocating for their well-being. Today, with the implications of COVID-19, our advocacy is needed now more than ever – and we need your help spreading the CASA message.

How can you help? By signing up to BE A VOICE FOR CASA and putting in a good word for us on your social media accounts!

When you sign up to BE A VOICE FOR CASA, you will be provided with inspiring and easy-to-share social media posts. By sharing posts on your social media profiles and generating traffic, you’ll earn chances to win gift cards up to $500 over the next three months!

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Joining BE A VOICE FOR CASA and getting points is easy:

  1. Sign up for the Social Toaster platform. You earn 100 points just for signing up! See the video below for a detailed overview.
  2. Share and like the available posts on your various social media platforms. The more you share and get likes and retweets, the more points you earn, giving you a better chance at winning. We’ll update posts regularly in the platform so you have fresh content to share. Be sure to sign up for email notifications so you know when new posts are available!
  3. Refer your friends to sign up for an even greater chance to win!


Every month over the next three months, we’ll give away one $500 gift card and five $100 gift cards. The contest dates are:

  • June 17 – July 14
  • July 15 – Aug. 18
  • Aug. 19 – Sept. 15

The winners will be notified by email. Neither Texas CASA nor its affiliates will share or use the information provided by participants for any purpose other than this campaign.

We hope you will sign up to BE A VOICE FOR CASA!


For more information check out the FAQs and the official contest rules. If you have any questions about the campaign, please email Texas CASA Marketing & Media Specialist Lindsey Lee at [email][/email].