Returning to the Office Safety Tips

Texas CASA staff continues to work remotely, but staff are allowed to visit the office when needed. To keep our team safe and healthy, Texas CASA has implemented new office procedures for entering and leaving the building that local CASA programs can also consider using for their staff.

Following the state mandate, face masks/coverings are required at all times while inside the building.

We’ve also created a check-in station right inside the front doors. At the station, staff must:

  • First sanitize their hands using the no-touch sanitizer dispenser,
  • Use the log book to sign in and out,
  • Take their temperature and add it to the log book, and then,
  • Re-sanitize or wash their hands.

If someone’s temperature is over 100 degrees, they must log out and return home.

The Texas Department of State Health Services provides detailed checklists for office-based employers and office-based employees with more safety protocols.