Reminder of Upcoming Grant Deadlines

With FY 2020 coming to a close and FY 2021 beginning, it can be hard to keep all the Texas CASA grant deadlines straight. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of all the upcoming deadlines:

FY 2021 Grant Application Deadlines:
CVC Application: July 31 (passed)
CVC Growth Applications: Aug. 7 (passed)
VOCA Application: Aug. 21

Last Day to Submit FY 2020 RFRs:
CVC: Sept. 15
VOCA and VOCA Direct Grants: Oct. 15

Formal Budget Revision (adding line items) Deadline:
CVC: July 31 (passed)
VOCA: Aug. 31

Conventional Budget Revision (moving within categories) Deadline:
CVC: Aug. 31
VOCA: Sept. 30

Quarterly Reporting Deadlines:
CVC Performance Report: Sept. 13
VOCA Progress Reports: Oct. 12

Contact the Grants team at [email][/email] with any questions.