Announcing Texas CASA’s New Blended Curriculum for Pre-Service Training!

Texas CASA is thrilled to unveil our new Blended Curriculum for Pre-Service Training. Designed to provide a more flexible option for programs that aren’t able to facilitate each of the required eight sessions of pre-service training in person, this new blended curriculum for pre-service training allows programs to split learners’ time evenly between classroom sessions and highly interactive, online learning. Texas CASA previously launched the first two courses in this curriculum last year. We’re delighted to debut the final two courses to complete the learning package.

As with the traditional classroom sessions, these comprehensive online courses build upon the required pre-work for the session and are woven through with engaging activities, compelling videos of CASA staff sharing insights from the field and interactive case study experiences in which actors bring case stories to life. Learners will now have the option to complete the following pre-service training sessions online:

The courses can be counted as two hours of pre-service training each (eight hours total).

With the goal of ensuring learners absorb all required content for pre-service training, the new Blended Curriculum for Pre-Service Training achieves 30 hours of comprehensive pre-service training as follows:

  • Pre-work for session one (one hour); session one in person (three and half hours)
  • Pre-work for session two (one hour); session two online (two hours)
  • Pre-work for session three (one hour); session three in person (three and half hours)
  • Pre-work for session four (one hour); session four online (two hours)
  • Pre-work for session five (one hour); session five in person (three and half hours)
  • Pre-work for session six (one hour); session six online (two hours)
  • Pre-work for session seven (one hour); session seven online (two hours)
  • Pre-work for session eight (one hour); session eight in person (three and half hours)

We’re so excited to be able to offer this more accessible curriculum option to programs. We hope that these courses will help ensure at-home learning is cohesively, effectively and fully aligned with the comprehensive pre-service training curriculum.

If you’d like to talk through incorporating these e-learning courses into your pre-service training package, we’d love to support you in any way we can! Please reach out to Learning and Innovation Designer Margaret Halpin at [email][/email] with any questions.