Conversations with CASA – Katie Olse & Candice Dosman

This episode features Katie Olse, CEO of the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services, and Candice Dosman, Texas CASA Collaborative Family Engagement Director.

The Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services is a nonprofit membership organization made up of organizations that provide services to children in the foster care system in Texas. Katie, Candice and Texas CASA CEO Vicki Spriggs discuss the importance of building support systems, with a specific focus on why it is critical to create a space where foster families and children’s families of origin can support each other. They also discuss a new initiative between the Alliance and Texas CASA where we will be working collaboratively for the good of the children and families in the foster care system.

Conversations with CASA is an online series from Texas CASA that explores current issues and trends affecting child welfare, children and families in foster care and the CASA network. Catch up on other episodes of Conversations with CASA.