5 Ways You Can Support CASA Over the Holidays

⁠It’s the season of giving! Did you know that there are actually a variety of ways to give to Texas CASA and the CASA community beyond a traditional, one-time donation? Check it out!

Local CASA Program Wishlists: If you’re looking to make a direct impact in your local community (and perhaps send your CASA program a holiday surprise), check out our CASA Wishlists page! This compendium of local CASA programs with Amazon Wishlists makes it easier than ever for you to support your program and the children and families they serve. If your CASA program doesn’t have an Amazon Wishlist on our page, consider reaching out to them directly!

CaringCent: Register your favorite credit card or debit card with CaringCent, and when you make a purchase on that card, the amount is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the change directly supports Texas CASA. Your small change can make a big difference!

AmazonSmile: Make a difference with your holiday shopping this year! By creating an account with AmazonSmile, you can be making donations to Texas CASA simply by purchasing everyday items, all at no additional cost to you.

Facebook Fundraiser: Create a Facebook fundraiser on behalf of Texas CASA and help connect your friends and family to the CASA cause while letting them donate in just a few clicks without leaving Facebook.

Stand Up for Children in Style: Our online store features specially designed Texas CASA merchandise with 100% of the proceeds going towards advocacy for children in foster care across the state. Great holiday gifts that make a difference! Get 15% off through Friday, Dec. 3!

We understand that this has been a difficult and financially constraining year for many of us. Know that we appreciate your support in whatever form feels right to you—whether that’s monetary, volunteering your time, or telling a friend about the work we do! Thank you, and happy holidays!