New Resources for Multi-County CASA Programs!

Did you know that as of November 2020, 47 of the 72 CASA programs have a service area of three or more counties? This poses opportunities and challenges for CASA programs as they strive to establish a presence in all communities, recruit and retain volunteers from all counties served, and serve the children who are in CPS custody within their entire service area.

A workgroup of CASA programs met remotely in Summer 2020 to discuss their barriers and solutions for volunteer recruitment, training and management in outer counties. As a result, we are sharing with you resources in these areas that we hope will prove beneficial to your program.

Check out Resources for CASA Programs Serving Multiple Counties in the Program Portal for:

  • Recruitment tools,
  • Social media tips and tricks,
  • Training best practices,
  • Tips for maintaining team cohesion for satellite offices, and
  • A growth projection worksheet.
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