Conversations with CASA – MiShon Landry, CDP

In the latest episode of Conversations with CASA, Texas CASA CEO Vicki Spriggs talks about diversity, equity and inclusion with MiShon Landry, CDP, CEO of the Inclusive Leadership Institute and Texas CASA Board Member.

MiShon is a Certified Diversity Professional with over a decade of experience in people, program, project management, leadership and entrepreneurial expertise. She fosters inclusion across organizations, helps leaders to translate business strategy, engagement and objectives into inclusive attainable goals. MiShon and Vicki talk about diversity, equity and inclusion, the difference between the three terms, and why the topic is relevant to those of us working within the child welfare system. They discuss MiShon’s experience on the Texas CASA Board and the importance of inclusive leadership, as well as how CASA programs can focus on increasing diversity in ways that are intentional and sustainable.