Happy Mother’s Day! Texas CASA Staff Share Their Favorite Memories

In celebration of Mother’s Day on May 9, Texas CASA staff members are sharing some of their wonderful memories with their mothers and mother figures.

Growing up, my mom would hand make every Halloween costume for my sister and me. From more traditional costumes like Minnie Mouse or a bumble bee, to the out-of-the-box ideas we’d come up with like a baseball with my favorite players’ signatures or the Princess Diana Beanie Baby, my mom always went above and beyond to bring our ideas to life and to help us have the most fun possible. I’ll never forget the time and talent it took for her to do so. I love you to the moon and back, Mom!

My mom was a math teacher at my high school, so we would ride together every day to work and school. About once a week, “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter would come on the radio and we’d sing at the top of our lungs while laughing and smiling. We also had the same lunch period, so a couple of my friends and I would eat in my mom’s classroom instead of the noisy cafeteria. I loved spending that extra time with my mom, and am very thankful she taught at my high school.

Right before I aged out of foster care, I was taken in by my mom who was a tutor at the children’s home I lived in. I hadn’t been to many restaurants, so to honor each month that I was home, my mom took me to different restaurants to help expand my palate. She made each month special because we tried every type of food at the popular restaurants in town. Thanks, Mom, for taking a chance on me, and helping me learn that I do not love BBQ!

I am so thankful for my mother who turned 90 last year; I love her so much. Along with my father, she raised five children, with me being the youngest. She loved to camp, and I think my love for the great outdoors grew from those childhood camping experiences. There is never a dull moment camping with kids—once my brother caught the grass on fire with a stick from the campfire, or I came down with the croup and they had to boil water and steam up the car for my cough, my mom could handle anything. To this day, she still makes us all feel special and loved…thank you, Mom!

One time I was visiting my mother and I complimented an attractive blouse she was wearing. She went out of the room, came back in a different top, and gave me the top I had complimented. She literally gave me the shirt off her back. That is a tough act to follow as a mother myself!

My mom was the most fun! By the time she was 24 she had three kids already, each one year apart (youngest sibling came 9 years later), so she pretty much grew up with us. My fondest memory is of the indoor slip-and-slide she created in our awesome home when we lived in Mexico. It had a hallway that was a straight shot from the front door to the back, so in the summer, she’d turn on the water hose inside the house and we’d slide on through for hours. Too much fun…it’s no wonder she’s always been the favorite aunt in the family!

My mother was so kind, loving and religious. She had strength I didn’t realize until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1978. It was advanced, and she was originally told she only had six months left to live. She signed up for trial treatments at MD Anderson in Houston. These were some of the new treatments that had never been used, but are now standard. She went through so many treatments that made her very sick for days, but she never complained. She would pray and stay strong and optimistic while the rest of us were worried and stressed. She ended up living for almost 14 more years and got to see my son born in 1983 and several other grandchildren.

A couple of my favorites: My mom laughing with me as I read a silly poem I wrote! And the first few times I drove, I was unsure and was very jerky with the brakes. Mom showed me how to feather the brakes and improve myself as a driver.

Growing up, my family typically ate dinner at the dinner table. But one of our favorite special occasions was what our mother affectionately coined “Snacky Dinner.” On Snacky Dinner nights, we’d heat up frozen snacks like pizza rolls and taquitos and eat by the TV while we watched a family movie. Love you, Mom! I’ll always think of you when I eat Bagel Bites!

My mom was always trying to get me to be a fashion trendsetter! One of her ideas was to match my knee socks to my dress of the day. That would have been okay, except she wanted me to wear two different color socks! On picture day in 4th grade, I wore a purple dress with yellow button—so yes, I wore one purple knee sock and one yellow knee sock! Not to mention a matching yellow and purple yarn bow! It did not catch on, much to her disappointment, and we went on to the next event of embarrassment. However, now you can actually buy mismatched socks, and I totally give her credit for it and she is proud!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing mothers and mother figures out there who are making the world a brighter, more loving place!