Changes in Grants Team Leadership: Thanking Glenn Brooks & Welcoming Tamea Byrd

Glenn Brooks has been with Texas CASA since 2004 and has served as the director of the Grants Department for most of that time. As you may know, Glenn has announced his retirement effective at the end of May. Although we are sad to see him leave after 17 years with us, we are happy for him to be able to travel more and see his grandchildren in Oklahoma on a regular basis.

Glenn oversaw the establishment of the Texas CASA Grants Department along with the recently retired Tom Jones, and helped guide us through the expansion of state and federal pass-through funds from $5 million in 2005 to over $33 million in 2021.

We will miss you, Glenn! Please join us in congratulating Glenn on his retirement and thanking him for his many years of outstanding dedication and service in the CASA community.

We are also happy to announce Glenn’s replacement, Tamea Byrd!

Fittingly, Tamea started her career on the Texas CASA Grants team in 2007 as a Grants Management Specialist working alongside Glenn. During that time, she learned about the importance of nonprofit financial expertise, which drove her to obtain a Master’s Degree in Accountancy and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. She then worked in public accounting for several years, and has spent the last six years leading the Finance Department at the Texas Access to Justice Foundation.

“Years ago, the powerful stories from local CASA programs opened my eyes to the impact one dedicated, thoughtful person can make in another’s life and the importance of systemic change to break generational cycles of abuse and neglect,” Tamea said. “I am very excited to have come full circle and returned to Texas CASA, supporting local CASA programs and working to improve the foster care system.”

Tamea brings 12+ years of experience in grants and nonprofit accounting and, having previously worked with Glenn and Tom for 3+ years, is well tested in the area of grants. Join us in welcoming her back to the CASA community!