KidNation: Engaging & Educating Kids with Music

“We understand that music is a form of expression and ultimately enables storytelling that can inspire our youth.” – KidNation Co-Founder – Chris “Ludacris” Bridges

Looking for something to not only entertain your kids, but enrich their lives? Tune into KidNation!

KidNation is a 100%-kid-safe educational media platform that uses music to inspire kids to be their best selves. The content on KidNation is created by artists, educators, and child development experts, and is centered around KidNation’s core values of health and wellness, multicultural inclusivity, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking.

Co-founded by rapper and father of three Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, KidNation’s original songs are all performed by (you guessed it!) kids, and talented ones at that. Far from nursery rhymes or the A-B-Cs, the hip hop, R&B and pop-inspired songs on KidNation are modern-sounding, high quality and best of all wildly catchy, no matter how old you are!

You can try one month for free, and then choose a payment plan of either $2.99/month, or $9.99/6 months for access to the full library of 10 volumes of music and more than 50 music videos.

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