Praesidium Academy: Preventing & Responding to Child Sexual Abuse

Headshot of a teenage boy standing, smiling and flowing his arms while looking at the camera.

Those who work directly with children must pay special attention to the safety of children and be prepared to respond to any safety concerns. As part of that preparation, Texas CASA is pleased to provide a new series of free online trainings about preventing and responding to child sexual abuse, created by Praesidium, for staff and leadership at CASA programs. We hope every program takes advantage of this opportunity.

For July 2021-July 2022, Texas CASA has purchased access to this training for our network. We have purchased 16 trainings, including:

  • Abuse Risk Management
  • Monitoring Youth Safety in Foster Care Environments
  • Social Media Safety*
  • Preventing Sexual Activity between Young Children*
  • Preventing Sexual Activity between Adolescents
  • Safety Equation Series for Leadership (Policies, Screening, Responding and more)

*Also available in Spanish.

Training can be accessed through the Texas CASA Program Portal under Program Leadership & Administration – Child Safety in the System.

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