Watch Now! It Takes Family: An Online Community Forum on Kinship Adoption

In honor of September being National Kinship Care Month, we’re re-releasing our May 2021 online forum, It Takes Family.

When a family is in crisis and a child must be removed from the home, the child can be placed in a foster home, group home or a group care facility—but by far, the preferred placement is with someone with whom the child already has a strong relationship, whether that person is a relative or a family friend. This is known as kinship care.

Recorded live, It Takes Family was a powerful online community forum shedding light on a specific, often-misunderstood area of kinship care: kinship adoption. When you hear the term adoption, you may think of the common scenario of a couple or single person adopting a child not related to them by blood. However, more adoptions are now occurring within extended families, including adoption of a nephew, niece, grandchild or stepchild.⁠

Watch the forum and hear from Texas CASA CEO Vicki Spriggs, representatives from the Department of Family and Protective Services, a CASA volunteer who advocated in a relative adoption case, an adoptive mother and more—as they speak on kinship adoption, the beauties and challenges of it, and how you can help.

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