Synthesizing Data to Tell Our CASA Story

Over the past two years, we’ve been on a mission with CASA programs in Texas to bring all staff and volunteers into a common language around advocacy—and to use consistent data to track our advocacy activities across the state. Every time a volunteer or staff member takes action to advocate for a child, they record it in a data system. By collecting and analyzing this amazing data, we can truly tell the impactful story of what CASA volunteers actually do when serving children and families—and the difference they make.

There’s no better way to quantify and qualify the impact of CASA in our network than to pull together the tens of thousands of entries made by CASA volunteers each year, documenting activities and actions as part of life-changing work for children and families in the Texas child welfare system.

We are so grateful to all of our CASA volunteers, staff, and program leadership for working together in the best interest of children in Texas. We know that in a rapidly changing child welfare system, the steady advocacy of CASA for children and families is of paramount importance. By taking the step of creating a common understanding of terms and diligently collecting data related to the activities of CASA volunteers, we can illustrate the value of CASA advocacy for every child in the Texas child welfare system like never before.