New! Crisis Communications & Risk Management Guide

Texas CASA just launched a comprehensive Crisis Communications and Risk Management Guide for CASA programs. In the guide, you’ll find information about all types of crises that CASA programs may face, how to prevent them and prepare for them, and the communication steps you should take when facing a crisis.

This guide focuses on three main goals for your CASA program to achieve in advance of a crisis:

  1. Assess for weak spots in your organization and work to fix them, with the goal of protecting the children and community you serve and hopefully preventing many of the potential crises a CASA program can face.
  2. Put a highly effective crisis team and written plan in place so that when a crisis occurs, you feel prepared and can respond to the situation in a calm, rational way with strong decision-making.
  3. Build a durable, transparent reputation within your community that will help you to weather almost any storm.

Remember, you can never be too prepared. Being ready for a crisis will allow CASA programs to better protect and serve the children and the community.

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